Obsessive Christmas Disorder

Why I love Christmas so much…

So, it’s October and I have already watched 4 Christmas films, watched back Zoella’s Vlogmas, listened to Christmas music and bought quite a lot of decorations. Yup, that’s me. Christmas just makes me really happy and I get excited for it very early on. Other people might call me crazy, but I honestly don’t care. Christmas is my happy place. And I’m not even talking about the actual Christmas days, I like the build up to it way more. All the cosyness, the decorating, the buying gifts, all the twinkling lights on the streets. I just love it all!

I already know exactly how I want to decorate my room this year. I’ve got it all in my head. And even though I say to myself each year that I don’t need any new decorations, my ideas obviously involve new stuff. I just can not contain myself when it comes to Christmas. This year I’m going for a bit of a Scandinavian theme, and I’m also changing up my tree. I bought some new baubles, green ones, as opposed to the blue ones I already had. For some people, this will all sound ridiculous. But honestly, decorating for Christmas is one of my favourite things to do. I can not tell you how happy it makes me. And I want to do it early, because what is the point otherwise. I don’t want to decorate halfway through December and then take it down on the first of January. I guess I love Christmas so much that I want it to last longer then just one month. Hence why I get so excited for it early on in the year.

When I’m writing this blogpost it’s quite cold outside, and it’s also one of those really dark days. Honestly, if  I could have a tree up right now I would be so happy. There is just something about twinkling Christmas lights that make every dark day a happy day and make everything look so cosy. I’m an autumn/winter girl anyways. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and I can definitely enjoy a hot summer day. Just not for too long. I start craving for colder days quite quickly. I’ve always been like that. When I was a little girl we would go on summer holiday and have a lovely time, but as soon as I would be back in Holland I’d get excited about autumn. Especially when I was still at school because that would usually be the time to start shopping for new clothes, shoes etc. for the new school year. Well, I am still like that.

This year was quite horrible if you ask me. I have never had a hotter and longer summer than this year, like ever… I mean, literally two weeks ago it was still 25 degrees. I am so so happy that it has finally cooled down. Well, cooled down… it’s more like we skipped autumn and went straight into winter, but you don’t hear me complaining. Anyhow, I think the fact that I like those cold winter days, and that I really enjoy the cosiness of it is a big factor in me loving Christmas so much. It truly is the most wonderful time of year. I always feel like January and February are so sad without all the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations.

One thing I look forward to each year is getting the tree. Not just decorating it, but most of all getting it. Going to a muddy field, preferrably when it’s extremely cold, walking around trying to find the perfect Christmas tree; not to high, not to broad, evenly filled out etc. etc . And then when we finally pick one, getting it back home. There’s just something so magical about that. And let’s not forget THE SMELL. I mean… isn’t Christmas tree smell the best smell in the whole entire world? I definitely think so.

I also really like to buy and wrap Christmas presents for other people. Shopping around Christmas time is just the best. Though I do prefer to go on weekdays to stay clear of the heavy crowds. But still, I just love buying presents. I wish I’d have more money to spend so I can give people even nicer presents. Receiving presents on Christmas day is exciting and nice, but I just as much like to give them. Seeing the look on people’s faces when they unwrap the present I carefully selected for them. I hope I can buy some gems this year. Last year was pretty funny. My brother and I got each other almost the exact same mug. I gave him the coffee version and he gave me the tea version. Without knowing that from each other obviously. Those are the things that make gift giving so fun.

I guess you kind off get it by now, right? I’m just obsessed with Christmas. And I plan on making the most of the next two months. And I’ll definitely create some more Christmassy content here on my blog – and on my Instagram, I will start with a Christmas theme very soon! One thing you can also expect, probably later this week, is a Christmas decorations haul. I got so many nice things and I’d really like to show you…

What do you like most about Christmas?

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